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Specially developed for over-lacquer application in stone chip and corrosion sensitive areas

Avery 2010 Transparent Stoneguard

Avery 2010 Transparent Stoneguard is a 325 micron modified PVC that has been specially developed for overlacquer application in stone chip and corrosion-sensitive areas.


  • Outstanding durability and outdoor performance
  • Dimensionally stable backing for easy conversion
  • Excellent dimensional stability during use
  • Excellent UV light, humidity and salt spray resistance

Protect you expensive investment

The pain protection film is applied to:

  • Bonnet
  • Guards
  • Bumper bars
  • Side rear view mirrors
  • Bus and coach front paneling.

Common applications

  • High performance cars.
  • Customised vehicles when owners have spent a considerable amount of money developing their hobby resulting in stunning paint jobs.
  • Interstate buses - the low frontage of these vehicles makes them particularly susceptible to stone damage on country roads.
  • Caravans are subjected to damage from the towing vehicle. Owner often place metal panels in front of the caravan to try and eliminate this damage.
  • Private vehicles direct from the dealership.
  • Private or fleet owners intend to replace the car after a short time frame or low number of kilometres.
  • Vehicles that require a professional appearance at all times ie touring vehicles. We recently installed wraps and promotional material on a tour vehicle along the sides and rear plus a paint protection / Stonegard film at the front on the bonnet, guards and mirrors.
  • Vehicles which travel country roads or areas of development with roadworks. Projectiles are thrown by vehicles traveling in both directions.
Can be done at your location

Car and Commercial Vehicle Design & Development

Truck and Commercial Vehicle Signs and Signage - design

  • Sedans
  • Station Wagons
  • Utilities
  • 4WD's
  • Pantechnicons
  • Cabs
  • Caravans
  • Flat bed trucks
  • Prime Movers
  • Semi-trailers

Car Sign services:

  • Sales of new signs custom designed to meet your business requirements.
  • Sub-contracting.
  • All signs types catered for.

Sign galleries

Design & Development

movinggraphics vehicle advertising consultation, design, development, creation and application.
We were recently contacted  by Australian Photography Tours, who had purchased a new Ssanyong People Mover to develop some new designs to advertise their business on their new vehicle. The existing magnetic signs did nothing more than identify who they were and how they could be contacted. Now they were looking for the WOW factor.

Car & commercial vehicle full and part wrapping.
A car wrap can add a unique colour change to your vehicle. The end result is a large custom made car sticker ready to apply to your vehicle. 3M and Avery Denison the major vinyl suppliers to the industry manufacture a range of modern colours that do not require printing, they go straight onto your car.

Car Window Signs

Car and commercial vehicle one way printed film window signs
This system of advertising is so flexible that we find businesses with exactly the same graphics on their cars, trucks, office and shop windows extending into the Internet on their websites, emails, banners for removable displays.

Computer Cut Signs

MovingGraphics computer cut car, commercial vehicle, plans and machinery signs.
Computer cut signs can be an effective means advertising your business on your vehicle. The cast Vinyl that is used is guaranteed up to 7 years and comes in a myriad of colours  and textures.

Digital Print

movinggraphics - Car and commercial vehicle digital print signs.
Digital Print Technology has revolutionised the sign industry. A decade ago most vehicle signage was computer cut vinyl now digital print fills the role.
Digital print is essentially one layer of cast vinyl / incorporating an infinite no of colours.

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